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Help Needy Students to Access a Bible for School

Students in Uganda are required to have a Bible in class when they go for Christian Religious Education or Divinity classes as the syllabus is based on the Bible.

A Bible for students costs 23,000 UGX (close to 6 $). This is peanuts to students whose parents can afford to get one for them. The story is different for students whose parents struggle to pay school dues/tuition. So many times, the bible seems like a secondary need to them. We know that a bible can change a student’s life and bring up an upright citizen whose foundation is built on the word of God.

Please support just one student every month with a Bible that will impact their life not only at school during religious studies but when they walk out of the confines of their classroom.

Donate an audio Bible every month to the Blind

Uganda has a large population of blind people and many of them never got the opportunity to go to school so reading in Braille is entirely out of them. Many blind people get left at home when other family members go to Church. They have to rely on well wishers to read the bible to them or narrate Bible stories to them. With an audio Bible,

  • Abandoned and hopeless blind people will get to know that they have a loving Father.
  • Without an education, they will listen to an audio Bible in a language that they understand.

Act today, bless 1 blind person with an audio Bible every month at only 55,000 UGX (  around 15$)

Help Prisoners leave Prison as Better People

Prisoners get sent to prison as a punishment and rehabilitation. However, because of circumstances surrounding the prison walls or the environment they grew up in, they often leave prison worse than they before.

We believe that the word of God can transform prisoners’ lives for good and make them better citizens when they leave the prison walls.

One Proclaimer ( Special type of audio Bible for group listening) goes for 89$(350,000 UGX) . One Proclaimer can serve a group of 20 Prisoners and help them listen to the word of God at scheduled times by the Prison administration.

By giving to this cause, you will be helping a group pf 20 prisoners access the word of God monthly. Act now!

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